Communication, Control and Signal Processing Seminar

The online CCSP Seminar, on recent advances in communication, control and signal processing at large, is a teaching seminar. Each invited speaker is requested to present a lecture (of duration 60 - 90 minutes) that describes just one or two mathematical techniques and just as many key results. The lecture will be given at a Zoom whiteboard in classroom fashion, at classroom pace, and will be videotaped for open access if the speaker so desires.

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Upcoming Talks

Pramod Viswanath (Princeton University)
Witness Chain: Proof of Bandwidth for Trust-Free Wireless Networking
Apr 14 2023, 3:30pm ET

Past talks

Yihong Wu (Yale University)
Self-regularizing Property of Nonparametric Maximum Likelihood Estimator in Mixture Models
Apr 1, 2021
Abstract & Video Recording

Anelia Somekh-Baruch (Bar-Ilan University)
A Single-Letter Upper Bound on the Mismatch Capacity
Mar 25, 2021
Abstract & Video Recording

Michael Langberg (SUNY Buffalo)
Codes for Adversaries - Between Worst-Case and Average-Case Jamming
Mar 11, 2021
Abstract & Video Recording

Jaikumar Radhakrishnan (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research)
The zero-error list decoding capacity of the q/(q-1) channel
Feb 11, 2021
Abstract & Video Recording

Mary Wootters (Stanford University)
Sharp Thresholds for Random Subspaces, and Applications to LDPC Codes
Dec 3, 2020
Abstract & Video Recording

Mokshay Madiman (University of Delaware)
Rényi information inequalities and their mathematical ramifications
Nov 12, 2020
Abstract & Video Recording

Min Ye (Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute)
Strong Converse on Bitwise Decoding for Random Linear Code Ensemble
Oct 29, 2020
Abstract & Video Recording

Amin Gohari (Tehran Institute for Advanced Studies)
The Auxiliary Receiver Approach in Network Information Theory
Oct 15, 2020
Abstract & Video Recording

Shun Watanabe (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
Revisiting Identification and Common Randomness
Oct 1, 2020
Abstract & Video Recording

Arya Mazumdar (UMass Amherst)
Learning Mixtures and Trace Reconstruction
Sep 17, 2020
Abstract & Video Recording

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