This venerable seminar series has been alive and kicking since 2001. Initiated by Ph.D. students in ECE@UMD, its goal was to discuss classical as well as emerging research trends in information and coding theory. Envisioned as a teaching seminar in which speakers were encouraged to present at a board, it gradually became tolerant of slide presentations as well. In its CCSP reincarnation, the reach of the Seminar has grown to include control systems and signal processing, too.

Zooming forward to the current era with a global reach, the CCSP Seminar returns to its roots. Each invited speaker is requested to present a teaching seminar (of duration 60 - 90 minutes) that describes just one or two mathematical techniques and just as many key and compelling results. The lecture will be presented at a Zoom whiteboard in classroom fashion, at classroom pace and in sufficient detail that make for comprehension and subsequent recollection at least a month later. In this new format, slides are to be eschewed. A presentation will be videotaped for open access if the speaker so desires.

We invite you to our exciting teaching and learning seminar series on a variety of topics of current interest in communication, control and signal processing at large. The seminars take place regularly during the Fall and Spring semesters at UMD.

Organized by

  • Sagnik Bhattacharya
  • Adway Patra
  • Sasha Barg
  • Prakash Narayan

To join the mailing list and receive announcements of the talks, please email Sagnik Bhattacharya (sagnikb@umd.edu) or Adway Patra (apatra@umd.edu).